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When I was Kid, I wanted To Be A Paleontologist

If you don't know what that is, then read this.

Now that you're caught up, it probably makes sense why I wanted to be a paleontologist. There's nothing cooler than the idea of prehistoric beasts roaming the earth. Some were nice - the planteaters, and some were mean - the meat eaters. All of them got my mind thinking, and stimulated my imagination.

Unfortunately for me, dinosaurs had been extinct for 65 million years. There's no dino zoo. This isn't Jurassic Park. So the only way for me to get closer to them was to learn. My curiosity turned to obsession and I read everything I could. I played with dinosaur toys and was constantly begging my parents to buy me more. Eventually I realized the way to get closest to these magnificent creatures was to look for their for fossils myself... and become a paleontologist!

If you were wondering, no, I'm not a paleontologist. I never made it. I gave up on my dreams as I grew older and my priorities changed.

But my dinosaur obsession was always alive in the back of my brain. It turns out, I'm not the only one. An estimated 50% of children become dino obsessed at one point. I remember begging my parents for the newest dinosaur toys. But they were always too expensive. Or too far. Or too busy...

Then it dawned on me. We didn't have online shopping back then, but we do now! I decided that there needed to be one location, one store, one website, where parents and kids could their hands on the coolest dinosaur toys and products, while not having to pay toy store prices or even go to a physical shop. 

And why stop at kids and toys? There are too many awesome products out there for adult dino lovers, from stylish jewelry to a high tech pterodactyl drone!


The Dino Buddiez Store Is Here

Discover the best dinosaur products for your children, and for you! Whether it's cute dinosaur toys, clothes, or a remote control t-Rex, you'll soon be able to find it here. We are actively working to bring the best and coolest dinosaur products to the market. We're talking products you haven't seen before at unbeatable prices. Indulge your dinosaur obsession with Dino Buddiez!

 - Ethan & The Dino Buddiez Team