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Why Is Your Child Obsessed With Dinosaurs?

There's a particular phenomenon in every child's development that all parents can relate to (and maybe you remember having something like this when you were young), and that is a child's ability become overly obsessed with one particular thing. Whether its dolls, trains, transformers, or dinosaurs, their little one track minds lock on to something and can't seem to let it go.

Dinosaurs is one of the biggest topics. The name for this is "intense interests". Children become obsessed and want to know everything they can. And what's not love about dinosaurs? They're awesome! Prehistoric beasts standing as tall as buildings stomping around the forest got my imagination going when I was a kid.

They fling question after question at their parents. How big was this dinosaur? What did it eat? How fast did it run? The questions go on. As parents, you might not always have the answers...

But you shouldn't let that stop you from indulging your children's fascination. Some parents may think dino obsession is unhealthy, but it turns out that the opposite is true. The benefits include an increased ability to learn (especially self learn), greater focus and attention span, and a deep knowledge of the topic.

The Children Are The Experts

Most 7 year old boys can name more dinosaurs than a college student studying archaeology. They can correct your pronunciation and explain to you why a certain dinosaur has certain spikes on its back. They become experts based on interest alone. It's their first experience at mastery. They feel powerful and smart when they know more about something than their parents do.

If You Don't Have The Answers, Don't Let That Stop You

Its recommended that you indulge your child's interest. Give them resources. Let them learn. Help them grow. I know when I was a kid, the only way my mom could get me to a library was when I could look for dinosaur books. And it was a similar story with museums.

The point it is, dinosaur obsession is healthy, and will make your kid smarter and more confident. Some obsessions, like video games, or television are a cause for concern, but when the obsession is positive? Don't waste it. You could miss out on an essential opportunity for your child to grow and learn when it matters most.