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8 Brain Boosting Educational Dinosaur Toys For Children

If your kid is obsessed with dinosaurs, you are a lucky parent! Your child is one of the special ones that develops an intense interest early on in life. You can look forward to you child having a higher IQ, greater focus, enhanced ability to self learn, and more passion in life, among other benefits.

At Dino Buddiez, we believe in the power of dinosaurs! The stories they left behind capture the imaginations of young and old, and the mysteries that we have yet to uncover fascinate millions around the world.

Here's a collection of dinosaur toys for children, created to engage, enhance, and excite young minds. Dinosaurs and education go hand in hand, and we've hand selected 8 of the best educational toys for learning and growth. You can even order them online, without needing to pick up the phone or drive to a store!

1) Grow Your Very Own Dino Babies With These Hatching Eggs!


Meant for ages 2 and up, this cute toy is a fun way to explore the birth of a dinosaur!

Simply put the egg in a bowl or cup of water, and a dinosaur will soon break through the shell! After hatching, leaving it in the water will cause the dinosaur to grow even more.

 2) Tweak And Display Multiple Different Dinosaur Skeletons!


Examine and play with 12 different dinosaur species! These adjustable dinosaur skeleton models provide hours of fun for children and adults alike and also function as cool decorative pieces.

3) Let Imagination Take Over With This Realistic T-Rex Model!


The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most fearsome predators to ever walk planet Earth. And that's precisely why its a favorite among dinosaur enthusiasts.

This realistic model is anatomically correct and highly detailed. Children will play with this one for hours and hours, its definitely one to add to any dino collection.

4) Dig Up Dino Fossils With This Mini Paleontology Set!

Unearth a piece of history! This paleontology set comes with the tools to do it yourself (or you can let your kids have all the fun)!

After excavation, you will have your very own mini Stegosaurus fossil to proudly display for everyone to see. Bonus points if you teach your kid some fun Stegosaurus facts (10X those bonus points if your kid teaches you).

5) Piece Together A Baby Dino & Mommy With This 1000 Piece Wooden Puzzle!

This puzzle has 1000 pieces to challenge young and old brains to complete the highly detailed image you see above. Don't think its easy! And $10 bucks says a 7-year-old could beat you in a puzzle race with this one ;)

We love how the pieces are made of strong wood, the puzzle can really withstand all kinds of abuse and last for years!

6) Control This Robotic Wooden T-Rex By Clapping Your Hands!

Work through the DIY assembly (building it is a fun challenge, and don't worry there are instructions included), and watch the wooden T-Rex robot come to life!

Then control its movement by clapping! Clap once and the dino walks forward. Clap twice and it turns to the right. Three claps and it turns to the left. This one is endless educational entertainment!

7) Excavate A Full Dinosaur Skeleton!

Make digging up dinosaurs real with this fun educational toy including a full set of plastic fossils! Get your little ones learning about archaeology and paleontology early!

It's amazing how many hours a child can play in the sand with this plastic dinosaur fossil set.

8) Boost Reading Skills With This Interactive Dino Book!

See Inside The World Of Dinosaurs is the perfect book for young dinosaur fans. Packed with engaging and fun educational content, it's sure to teach both children and adults a thing or two (or 100) about dinosaurs.

Complete with over 50 liftable flaps that let children uncover dinosaur facts and mysteries on their own!